Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Clipping coupons and saving money

I have been following some blogs recently that talk about money saving strategies. I used to be one of those people who thought coupons were useless and that I could save more money by purchasing store brands and buying in bulk than by using coupons on name brand items.

I have been learning a lot from these bloggers who make couponing an art.

"Deal"icious Mom
Coupon Cravings
Deal Seeking Mom
Freebies 4 Mom
The Freebie Blogger
Making Life deal at a time!
Baby Cheapskate

I also read in a blog about something called The Grocery Game. This is a site that compares the weekly grocery and drugstore advertisements with coupons from the inserts in the Sunday paper to let you know what the best deals are and how much you can save. They have a $1 trial that lasts four weeks and then it costs $4 a month for each store you want to subscribe to. I just started the $1 trial and have already made that back and then some in savings.

I have got to show off my purchases (because I get excited about finding good deals), so I thought I'd do it here.


Vitamin Water 32oz. - $2.29

Always Infinity Pads 18 ct. - $4.98 (reg. $5.99)

CVS Moisturizing Beauty Bar 1 ct. - $0.99

Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste with Mouthwash beads 4.6 oz. - $2.99 (reg. $3.29)

Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste 4.6 oz. - $0.99 (reg. $2.29)

Colgate Plus Toothbrush - bought 2 - $0.99 each (reg. $1.99 each)

Coupons used:
$0.75 off Colgate Toothpaste
$0.75 off 2 Colgate Toothbrushes
$1.00 off Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste

Total: $11.72
+ $1.01 tax
= $12.73

Extra Care Bucks earned (used like cash for future purchases) = $10.29

Total minus extra care bucks = $2.44

I also went to Walgreens and Fry's and will post about my deals there later.

So maybe I'm that annoying person in the store who holds up the line with her two dozen coupons, but the economy keeps getting worse and grocery prices keep getting higher. Clipping coupons and taking advantage of freebies and promotions helps me save a little more money and it's fun too!