Thursday, July 03, 2008

I'm back!

OK, so the first time I posted on this blog I said I was going to do the book a month challenge. That totally didn't pan out at all. I tried the first month, but never had the time to read and didn't finish a book. I read a lot more these days, but I'm not following the BAM challenge at all.

What I have done is added a blog roll to my blog, so you can check out some of the blogs I subscribe to. I am also going to try to do a lot more blogging. I don't necessarily think that I have anything worthwhile to say or that anyone would have any interest in it, but I love reading blogs and getting new ideas and inspiration from what people post and share so I thought I'd try to share some of the things I find interesting. I'm not very tech-savvy, so we'll see if I can figure out how to properly link things and show pictures. My html skills are nonexistent, so hopefully I'll learn a few things.

I also added a slide show on the side bar. I'm not sure if I'll keep that there or not. I don't know if I want my pictures available for anyone to see, on the other hand, the little guy is so darn cute I love showing him off. Let me know what you think about that...if anyone is reading.


Grumpator said...

Looking forward to more blogging! I think the slideshow is nice, and I wouldn't be worried about it. Check out one of the many site meters (I use sitemeter on my blog, or use Feedburner), and you'll be able to see how many hits you get and where they come from. If you start getting lots of traffic, then maybe rethink the pics. But since this is mostly family and friends, no worries.

kimkipling said...

I'm interested. I did not know this existed till now so I feel a bit out of it (my fault) but heck I'm reading while in a nother country.

Sydni said...

No problem, Shilo! I don't advertise it much because I'm too critical of my writing.