Thursday, June 30, 2011

Song I can't stand

I skipped the 3rd song in the list - something reminding you of your first crush I think?  I couldn't think of anything right off the bat and then I forgot about it. 

For this one, I had a few excellent options.  Should I choose something by Nickelback or Creed (too obvious), U2 (too hard to pin it down to a specifically irritating song), wait a minute...Nirvana!  Yes.  Perfect.

Prepare to rage at me for my inability to understand the complexity and depth of the music of my generation.

I love 80's music and I love 1997-present music.  There is a bleak, depressing period in between filled with Pearl Jam, Bush, Dave Matthews, and other "alternative" artists that all my friends and classmates were/are so obsessed with.  The seminal artists of that time, Nirvana, are supposed to be musical geniuses who revolutionized the industry, destroyed the hedonistic excesses of 80's rock and made music more "real." 

Thanks, Kurt Cobain!<\sarcasm>

Nirvana's "Smells like Teen Spirit" is a crappy, annoying song and I can't stand listening to it.

You may commence burning me at the stake.

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